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03 Nov - 05 Mar

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19 Dec - 19 Mar

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05 Mar, 3.00pm, Ground Floor: Outdoor Terrace


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Ode to typography: Interview with Will Lynes

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Louise Zhang's horror infused ARTBAR

Navigating the space between attractive and repulsive, Chinese-Australian artist Louise Zhang kicks off the ARTBAR year in suitable style with a night entitled ‘New Year’s Rot’. more

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MCA Unpacked II

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA)


05 Sep 2003 to 30 Nov 2003


Laurence Aberhart, Peter Atkins, Hany Armanious, Bruce Armstrong, Joseph Beuys, Barbara Bloom, Peter Booth, Janet Brosious, Vincent Butron, Tony Clark, Aleks Danko, Tony Danyala, Juan Davila, John Dhurrikayu, Jessica Diamond, Tony Djikululu, Julie Dowling, Marcel Duchamp, Mikala Dwyer, Phillip Faulks, Elisabeth Frink, Rosalie Gascoigne, Joan Grounds, Bill Henson, Jim Hodges, Rebecca Horn, Tim Johnson, On Kawara, Christopher Le Brun, Lindy Lee, Sol LeWitt, Wally Lipuwanga, Hilarie Mais, David Malangi (Daymirringu), Jacky Manbarrarra, Norman Mangawila, Mary Ellen Mark, Anne-Marie May, Linda Marrinon, Maix Mayer, Michael Mundiny, Fred Nanganharralil, Bobby Barrdjaray Nganjmira, Sidney Nolan, Susan Norrie, Michelle Nikou, John Nixon, Brian Nyinawanga, Robin Page, Mike Parr, Giancarlo Pancaldi, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Arnulf Rainer, Robert Rauschenberg, Sweeney Reed, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Vivienne Shark LeWitt, Lorna Simpson, Tommy Stevens Tjakamarra, Imants Tillers, Ken Unsworth, Todd Watts, Ken Whisson, Jenny Watson, Christine Webster, Guan Wei, Lawrence Weiner, Dennis Wilcox, Jimmy Wululu, Kallie Yalkarriwuy, William Yang, John Young


Vivienne Webb

About the exhibition

MCA Unpacked II saw six Australian artists invited to choose works from the MCA collection which were meaningful to them and reflective of their own artistic practice. Bruce Armstrong, Julie Dowling, Joan Grounds, Michelle Nikou, Ken Unsworth and William Yang selected the works in this exhibition. The wide range of arts practices and experience in this group brought a variety of focuses to the collection. These selections profiled work in stimulating and unusual ways, relating them to the practices of other artists and the social, political and aesthetic concerns of the time. In order to fully appreciate these connections, the selection panel was also invited to include one of their own works.

With no curatorial restrictions placed upon the selectors for MCA Unpacked II, each artist’s display varied in its style, theme and presentation. Essays by each artist outlined their approach to the selection process, describing which works they selected and why. From art storage to gallery floor, MCA Unpacked II moved away from the standard museum-curated exhibition, proposing an alternative model for ‘unpacking’ the visual culture of this time.

This exhibition aimed to open the MCA collection up to new interpretations and perspectives. It followed on from the success of the first MCA Unpacked in which individuals distinguished in the humanities, science, law, politics and the arts selected works from the collection.

Tour Itinerary

Bendigo Art Gallery, Vic: 31 January – 7 March 2004
Coffs Harbour Regional Art Gallery, NSW: 13 February – 27 March 2004
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Vic: 2 March – 4 April 2004
University of South Australia Art Museum, SA: 10 June – 18 July 2004
Orange Regional Art Gallery, NSW: 13 August – 26 September 2004
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, NSW: 25 September – 21 November 2004
Hazlehurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, NSW: 2 October – 28 November 2004
Grafton Regional Art Gallery, NSW: 2 March – 10 April 2005
University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery, Qld: 4 May – 26 June 2005
Caloundra Regional Gallery, Qld: 4 May – 26 June 2005
Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Tas: 15 August – 25 September 2005

Featuring Works from the MCA Collection

Peter Atkins
  • Death in Venice (black crow painting - Venetian harbour)
Joseph Beuys
  • La rivoluzione siamo Noi (We are the revolution)
Barbara Bloom
  • The reign of narcissism
  • The reign of narcissism (stationery)
Peter Booth
  • Man approaching road
Vicente Lupo Victorino Butron
  • No Fear: no.126 a limited action of 29.8.95 (Limited Action painting)
Tony Clark
  • Clark's Myriorama
Aleks Danko
  • What are you doing boy?
Juan Davila
  • Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Jessica Diamond
  • Do-it-yourself
Philip Faulks
  • Flying man
Bill Henson
  • Untitled 1983-84 from Untitled 1983-84
Rebecca Horn
  • Missing full moon
Tim Johnson
  • Artist at Papunya
  • Dewachen
  • Photographs taken at Papunya circa 1982
Sol LeWitt
  • Do-it-yourself
Hilarie Mais
  • Echo
Maix Mayer
  • Untitled from the series Haus-Raum (House-Room)
  • Untitled from the series Haus-Raum (House-Room)
  • Untitled from the series Haus-Raum (House-Room)
Modern Art Agency
  • La rivoluzione siamo Noi (We are the revolution)
Bobby Nganjmirra
  • Eagle nest in a tree
  • Mibbarr the wedge-tail eagle sitting on the Weelark egg
John Nixon
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
Anne Noonan
  • Do-it-yourself
Susan Norrie
  • Inquisition/seven
Giancarlo Pancaldi
  • La rivoluzione siamo Noi (We are the revolution)
Mike Parr
  • Black Box of Word situations, variation 3
  • Various Ideas
Gerhard Richter
  • Seelandschaft
Vivienne Shark LeWitt
  • Zugzwang
Lorna Simpson
  • III
Tommy Stevens Tjapangati
  • Artist at Papunya
Christine Webster
  • Craigwell House
Guan Wei
  • Certificates 1 - 4
Lawrence Weiner
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Stars don't stand still in the sky
Dennis Michael Wilcox
  • Proteron
William Yang
John Young
  • The naive eye