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Ode to typography: Interview with Will Lynes

Signwriter Will Lynes used traditional signwriting techniques to free-hand paint the text ‘Everything Else’ on this 17-metre long wall painting. Will muses on the emotive quality of typography and how he works. more

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Navigating the space between attractive and repulsive, Chinese-Australian artist Louise Zhang kicks off the ARTBAR year in suitable style with a night entitled ‘New Year’s Rot’. more

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Blog – Young, Arty & Free

Posted on Dec. 4, 2015 by Belinda Sculley in Creative Learning. View Comments
About the MCA Youth Committee.. By Olivia Cole, 17

Prior to being a part of the MCA Youth Committee I had attended several Genext events, never realising what happened behind the scenes, instead just enjoying the excitement of these free, creative events. I applied for the role when I was researching possible ways to gain some work experience at a gallery. I never imagined getting accepted but was simply eager for experience and to see what life behind the scenes of the 'art world’ might be like.

One of the best things I noticed when I became a part of the committee was that it provided a space away from my school and my regular community where I was able to meet and work with other like-minded young people. At monthly meetings where I would travel to the city, both a trek but also allowing a sense of freedom, we would draft ideas for the upcoming Genext event, meet artists, go to exhibition walkthroughs, and conceptualise activities that aligned with the artist’s vision. Fueled by a plethora of snacks, banter, and ____ it was always a lot of fun being involved in this process. I learnt a lot about how to plan an event, restrictions on activities, and how to work with the public.

Being a part of the committee allowed me to actually feel like I was doing something, rather than just waiting until school was over before things got exciting. Curating these activities and then seeing people enjoy them is just a super rad feeling. And then being invited to extra events, getting free tickets and discounts at the MCA are just extra perks. I’ve been in the Youth Committee for two years now and thinking about a third and final year (I’m turning 18 next year) and have loved the experiences I’ve gained, and the great sense of community and friendship that comes from being a part of a team that actually contributes and helps create art-making goodness for others.

Being a part of the committee allowed me to actually feel like I was doing something, rather than just waiting until school was over before things got exciting.

Olivia Cole

Oliva Cole, 17

An Aries and my favourite colour is turquoise. I have an affinity for making inspirational speeches and being too invested in the specialty coffee industry. Other than that I like listening to funky tunes – Chet Faker & Fat Freddy’s Drop, and attempting to develop opinions on social and political issues. I love theatre and sometimes admit my pretentious tendencies… I’m obsessed with relational aesthetics and life drawing. But overall my heart melts for Schiele, Klimt and Lautrec’s ‘In Bed the Kiss’

About Genext… By Jodie Hui, 15

Amazing Sunday nights after hours in the MCA, enjoying the art, activities and free food with like-minded young creatives – Genext events are definitely not to be missed! I mean, who doesn’t love free food, live music, meeting new people and wandering around all of the latest exhibitions? Nobody that I know of, that’s for sure!

So, who actually chooses the music, activities and themes for the Genext events?
… the MCA Youth Committee! (With the help and guidance of the lovely staff and educators of course!)

Being on the youth committee in 2015 has been a fantastic experience and I’d definitely recommend it to any fellow art lovers, or anyone just looking for a rewarding leadership role where you’re able to meet and build relationships with other like-minded creatives. We meet once a month to plan these awesome events, bonding over afternoon tea while we’re at it. The nights of Genext are always good fun as well, it’s so rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves as the event comes to life.

Want to be a help create Genext events and be a part of the MCA Youth Committee? Applications to join the 2016 team are now open! Apply before Monday 7 December.

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Jodie Hui

Genext, April, 2012. Featured: Rebecca Baumann Automated Colour Field 2011

Jodie Hui, 15

Hungry caterpillar and photography enthusiast. Also loving arts + design, travel and the glorious Mia Wallace

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