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News – Bianca Spender: MCA Young Ambassador

Posted on July 19, 2014 in Events.
MCA Young Ambassador Bianca Spender presents speech at MCA SOCIAL 2013

MCA Young Ambassador Bianca Spender presents at MCA SOCIAL 2013

MCA Young Ambassador Bianca Spender spent 5 minutes with InStyle to tell them about our Ambassador Program and upcoming #MCASOCIAL event.

When did you become an MCA Young Ambassador?
For me, having being so passionate about Art, as soon as the group was conceived I joined myself and my partner, each year whether I make it to two or twenty events it is always meaningful. Being part of the MCA Young Ambassadors gives me further insight into art as you have this ability to have a conversation with a whole lot of people from the artists to the people who install the works so that you understand the entirety of the process of each work. I think I am interested in creative processes so I find the vision and complexity of the finished picture very insightful.

Why did you make the choice to join this dynamic group?
I was approached by the MCA to be part of a focus group at the beginning looking at how we could engage young people more with the MCA and contemporary art. I was very excited about creating a group that can support the MCA as it is pinnacle to the contemporary art scene. Art is an important part of my creative inspiration and I believe sharing this can inspire others.

Why is the group so significant?
There are two major focuses for raising the support and profile of the MCA. It is currently an organisation that doesn’t receive much government funding and the majority of its exhibitions are free. This is an huge undertaking with their exhibitions being of such a high calibre. Developing a relationship that helps bring as many people as possible to see the incredible work that they do and support them is pivotal

What’s been your favourite moment with MCA Young Ambassadors?
There are many, but two of my most fond memories would be, this incredible talk by Trent Parke that he gave at the Stills Gallery. Trent is the first Australian to become part of the renowned Magnum Photo Agency. He spoke a lot of his work and the mistakes and what they were for him. Usually a fault is a huge part of his creative process and there is some humility said in that, that not everything was planned to be like the way it turns out, sometimes they just come about. I appreciated listening to him, it made me realise that we can’t control everything and beautiful things can evolve from something that wasn’t intended or was a mistake.

The other favourite memory of mine was one of the MCA Socials. I bought a guided tour with Liz Anne MacGregor for the Anish Kapoor exhibition with ten friends. Understanding how Liz Anne had been building the show for almost a decade in terms of the idea of it and then the actuality of it from everything like the installation to working with the works and the space, every single person who I took was enthralled this was a unique experience and unforgettable one.

What specifically are you most looking forward to about the MCA Social, and why?
Every year when the MCA hold their MCA Social event, I meet new interesting people that are passionate about art. The beauty of the event is that you may not know the people there but you can have a chat with anyone as you already have a link, coming together to support the MCA. You have this opportunity to share your ideas and passions, connecting with people on another level. It is like being at your favourite bands concert with thousands of others and you are all sharing something that you are passionate about.

MCA SOCIAL is the Museum’s Primavera fundraiser event presented by MCA Young Ambassadors. #MCASOCIAL will be held on our Sculpture Terrace on Sat Jul 26. Tickets.