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The MCA’s website received two awards at the Museums Australia Multimedia and Publishing Design Awards (MAPDA) at the Museums Australia national conference in Canberra on Sunday 19 May 2013. The site won the best museum website category as well as the overall 'Best in Show’.

I was on hand to receive the awards on behalf of the interdepartmental team that worked on the site’s structure, content and design. A big thank you to all the MCA staff who worked on the project and who continue to create great content that helps keep the site relevant and lively. Thanks also to Katja Hartung from Toben who lead the design process, Grant Young from Zumio for his work on the website user experience and Greg Turner from the Interaction Consortium for the build.

The MAPDA winners booklet described “Lovely neutral colour palette frames content beautifully. Great navigation system and way-finding. Multi-levels of communication. Good grid division and levels break up a lot of content into an easy to navigate website. You feel contemporary when visiting.”

Keir Winesmith accepts MAPDA Awards

The MCA was also highly commended for the initial version of Anish Kapoor digital catalogue in the iPad app MCA Publications. The final version of which recently awarded in the Rich Media category of the Museums and the Web awards in Portland.

In honour of the award, the MCA is making 100 copies of Anish Kapoor available for free. For those with an iPad, download the MCA Publications app from the Apple App Store and use the code “MAPDA” to get the Anish Kapoor ePublication for free.

Learn more about the Anish Kapoor in MCA Publications or, for those without an iPad, preview some of the interviews, images and writing online.

Lovely neutral colour palette frames content beautifully... You feel contemporary when visiting.

Museums Australia Design and Publishing Awards

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