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News – Interplay: The MCA Staff Show 2013

Posted on March 5, 2013 in News.

Photograph: Rhys Votano

Interplay: The MCA Staff Show 2013 is a group exhibition that brings together 45 emerging and established artists working across a range of media – from drawing and painting to sewing, video and performance. All artists in the show are connected through the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia where they work together as colleagues. This idea of connections, networks and interaction has been extended into the notion of interplay and reciprocal action, or action and reaction, as a pathway to explore these diverse works.

The exhibition, at 107 Projects in Redfern, was officially opened on 28 February by MCA Director Elizabeth Ann Magregor OBE and runs until 10 March. MCA Front of House Team Leader Aileen Robalino managed the project and here tells us more about it.

How many MCA staff shows have there been over the years?

To be honest I’m not sure, but while I have been here (six years) there have been four.

Is this a regular event?

For some years the MCA staff show was an annual event, but when the Museum closed for the redevelopment, it fell off the radar slightly. We decided that now was a good time for another one! The last staff show was held in 2010.

How did you find time to put this together while also working full time at the Museum?

It was a challenge to fit in working on the staff show around working full time, but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful team working with me. Sara Roberts, an MCA Visitor Services Officer (VSO), took on quite a lot of the organisation, we had help from some MCA preps, most notably Beau Scott and Sarah Milgate who put in a full day at the MCA de-installing TABOO, then came to help with the more specific install requirements. An ex-VSO who is part of the 107 Projects team suggested the space for us, MCA VSO and educator Nicola Walkerden created our wonderful website, and many other staff helped out. Our curatorial text was written by VSOs Kathleen Linn and Sophia Cai, and Pete Johnson from the philanthropy department.

Can you tell us more about 107 Projects? Is there any connection with the MCA?

There is no official connection between 107 Projects and the MCA, but one of our ex-VSO’s is part of the 107 family, so a few MCA staff members knew a few 107 staff, and coincidentally the next exhibition after the MCA staff show at 107 is Roger Foley, an Australian artist whose sculpture of a lobster officially opened the MCA back in 1991. Nick Greiner, our then Premier pulled on the lobster’s tail, and thus the MCA lit up and we were open. We were lucky enough to have this work come in early to be in the gallery during our exhibition.

What do you have in store for the closing night? Is anyone welcome?

The closing night this Sunday 10 March 6-11pm is open for anyone who wishes to come by. The gallery will be open, so anyone who hasn’t seen the show yet, or would like a repeat look can see the show, but the real highlight is the performances of the night. MCA staff members Ion Pearce, Mark Brown, Jo Meares and others will be doing a series of performances. Everything from blues music, experimental music, and a video filmed using MCA Visitor Services Officers.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the website

For more information on 107 Projects, visit their website

Posted by Kelly Stone