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We’ve added an augmented reality tour and interactive 3D model to page 17 of today’s Sunday Telegraph (March 26th). Simply download our augmented reality app MCA OnSite from iTunes App Store or Google’s Play store (formally the Android Marketplace). Or just search for MCA OnSite in your app store.

Download, install and load the app. Once it’s loaded, hold the camera window over either the picture of the MCA in the “break out box” or the whole picture of Elizabeth Ann Macgregor and you’ll get a narrated virtual tour of the new wing, or see a 3D model of the MCA building that you can look at from all angles.

If you don’t have access to the Telegraph, you can follow the instructions above to install the app and then hold your camera over the image in the story I’ve included below.

The app runs on smart phones or tablets, but looks best on a tablet.

This is the first of a number of augmented reality initiatives from the MCA, so we’re very keen to get your feedback.

Augmented Reality
page 17 from the tele
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