Learn at the MCA

At the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, we like to share our passion for and knowledge of contemporary art with as many people as possible, no matter where they live around Australia.

With input from our specially trained Artist Educators, we develop a range of learning programs for school students and teachers, families, young people, adult learners of all ages and backgrounds and visitors with specific needs. The breadth of offerings range from practical and theoretical schools programs, to creative programs for children and families, social and cultural events for young people, and major public lectures themed around MCA exhibitions, and contemporary issues in the visual arts, design, architecture or film. Access to cutting-edge video conferencing facilities allows us to take our content to communities in regional and remote parts of Australia, giving the MCA a truly national reach.

MCA creative learning programs encourage visitors to colour outside the lines, to experiment, take risks and play with process. Artists contribute as thinkers and creators and inspire our audiences to respond to contemporary art in new ways. MCA Learning programs acknowledge that every visitor brings their own background story and can take away their own fresh meaning from their encounter with art.