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2014 Annual Appeal: Donate now

2014 Annual Appeal

Please support our Annual Appeal for a very special cause!

The focus of this year’s Annual Appeal is on the conservation of an important group of works on paper by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Your support will not only assist in the long term conservation of key works, but also in their preparation for exhibition to audiences around the country.

Here’s how you can help:

• Donations of up to $100 will enable one of the following treatments to an artwork: surface clean; tear repair; remounting; consolidation of flaking media

• Donations of up to $200 will enable framing of a work or conservation documentation of 10 artworks.

• Donations of up to $500 will enable humidifying and flattening of a small group of artworks.

• Donations of up to $1,000 will enable fade rate analysis of artworks using a micro fade testing system (this will enable us to display the works according to conservation guidelines to make sure they do not fade) or acquisition of digital microscope for conservation work.

• Donations over $1,000 will contribute to the costs of preparing the touring exhibition

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If you have any questions about philanthropy at the MCA, please contact Philanthropy Manager Lisa Hamilton on +61 2 9245 2414 or email

The MCA raises 68% percent of its income from non government sources and the generosity of individuals plays a key role. This support underpins the MCA’s exhibitions and learning programs.