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– Annette Messager: motion / emotion

Annette Messager is an internationally renowned French artist whose diverse practice encompasses drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. Featuring works from the late 1970’s to the present, this represents the artist’s first retrospective exhibition in Australia and includes her large kinetic installations with mechanical and inflatable elements. At once playful and disturbing, Messager’s works employ everyday materials and objects in their realisation, from woollen gloves and items of clothing, to black netting, soft toys and badges.

Genext Aug 10 features:

  • live bands all night on two stages
  • performance workshop run by guest artists Hissy Fit
  • art-making and interactive experiences
  • mouthwatering snacks and drinks
  • exclusive access to the Annette Messager: emotion/emotion exhibition
  • New Media Festival screenings – with prizes such as Samsung Galaxy tablets to give away

12–18 years

Casino 2005
red pongee silk, string, rubber, various elements, optical fibres, fluorescent tubes, fans, software
400 × 1600 × 1200 cm
© Annette Messager c/o Marian Goodman Gallery

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