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Nicholas Folland

The door was open... 2006

on display

Museum of Contemporary Art, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Wendy Foard and Peter Bate, 2009

chandelier, freezer unit, ceiling rose

Diam 55cm

About the Artwork

Nicholas Folland is a sculptor and installation artist. He commonly manipulates and reconfigures familiar household objects such as soft furnishings, interior fixtures and whitegoods, found crystal and glassware, to create new and highly refined constructions. These items of domestic utility are transformed into sublime and miraculous compositions that shift our perceptions.

His large installation The door was open… has previously been exhibited at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, University of Sydney, and at the Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship at Artspace, Sydney, in 2005. It is one in a series of four works involving ice and chandeliers, each slightly different in their configuration. A similar work in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria has the refrigeration unit on the floor, while this one has the unit concealed in the ceiling above the work. According to the artist,

The work forms part of an ongoing investigation into relationships between domestic appliances, and naturally occurring environmental conditions or landscapes. In particular this series of work has developed from an interest in the parallels between our relationship to extreme environmental forces and our ability to reproduce these conditions for exploitation within the home; heating, cooling, lighting etc.

Frequently employing Romantic irony in order to explore the tragedy of failed explorations and the challenges faced by explorers working in extreme conditions and hostile environments, Folland has a particular fascination with the sublime narratives of polar exploration, such as those described in the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and the journals of Douglas Mawson and Robert Falcon Scott.

...an ongoing investigation into relationships between domestic appliances, and naturally occurring environmental conditions or landscapes

Nicholas Folland, 2008

Nicholas Folland

– About the artist


Born 1967, Adelaide, South Australia. Lives and works Adelaide.

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