Andrew McQualter

Untitled wall painting (for Helen Johnson) 2006-7/2012

synthetic polymer paint and graphite on wall

Andrew McQualter’s Untitled wall painting (for Helen Johnson) was
commissioned in 2007 by the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Collection.
It was first presented in MCA Collection: New Acquisitions 2007. McQualter’s
wall painting is temporary and site-specific. It exists as a set of instructions
and templates, as well as a watercolour study, which can be used to make the
work each time it is installed.

The staked saplings and figure in this work evoke the activities of cultivation
and gardening, or tree plantings associated with urban land regeneration
and reclamation. However, the image may also be interpreted as alluding to
the act of cultivating and nurturing relationships in our social, personal or
professional lives. The artist makes this explicit in the dedication of the work
to his friend and peer, Melbourne-based artist Helen Johnson.

Each time the work is installed, the poetic meaning of the imagery shifts as
the painting is adapted to a different context and occasion.

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Andrew McQualter – Untitled Wall Painting (For Helen Johnson) 2006-7/2012

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